Workout You Can do With The Kids

With electronic devices playing a huge part in our lives these days, here’s a workout you can do with the kids to get them moving again at any time of the day. You can do this at home with very little to no equipment required and it’s great for bonding and one on one time too 🙂
Exercise time – 15-20 mins
1. 2 minutes jumping rope or running on the spot
2. 10-15 burpees
3. 30 jumping jacks
4. 20 chair step ups – alternating each leg as you go
5. 1 minute plank
6. 20 leg raises – lay on your back and alternate each leg as you go
7. 15 head, shoulders, knees and toes
8. 15 glute bridge raises – lay on your back with your legs bent and raise your backside in the air, hold for a few seconds, rest for one second and repeat
9. 2 minutes of stretching
10. High five each other, you just completed a cool workout!