What Do Your Nails Say About You?


Our nails can often give us clues as to our current state of health. Below are a few tips that could really help the appearance and overall health of your nails.

the colour of our nails can suggest certain things that are going on with our bodies that may require attention such as white spots are often a sign of calcium deficiency while yellowing underneath the nail could be a sign of a fungal infection.

-the strength of our nails also suggests we may be lacking in certain essential vitamins and minerals required for strong nails. If your nails are quite soft or brittle and break easily, a healthy nails supplement may be a good thing to invest in as they contain biotin, iron, magnesium, protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin C, all the things required to help maintain strong, healthy nails.

the speed at which our nails grow can often be improved by taking better care of them. A few tips here are to always use a nail file instead of clippers when trimming. Clippers can cause nails to weaken and break due to the force of the cut, where as a nail file is gentler and more accurate, allowing you to keep more of the length. It also strengthens the nail by neatening up the ends, helping them grow back quicker. Another tip for helping nails to grow is to use a quality nail strengthener to help avoid cracks and breakages.

keep them right away from your mouth if you are prone to biting them. This would have to the the worst thing you could do to your nails if you want them to look nice. Invest in one of those bitter tasting nail coatings if you are an obsessive biter and find it difficult to stop.

We hope you find these tips helpful and that you will have lovely looking nails in no time.