Tips to Coping with Carona Virus


Here are some tips to help us all cope with the effects of the Carona Virus in our communities;

  1. Meditate – take time out of your day to focus your thoughts to things that calm your mind. This will help you cope better with the added stresses of daily life at present.
  2. Exercise – this will release good endorphins into your system, enhancing your mood and help you feel better.
  3. Eat Healthy – eat as healthy as possible in order to give your immune system the boost it needs in these trying times.
  4. Limit Unnecessary Social Media – the less negative news you receive at present, the better you’ll be at coping with everything that’s happening in the world. Focus on consuming positivity as much as you can.
  5. Phone A Friend Or Loved One – reminding those who are dear to you, how much they mean to you at this time, will also help you to feel good and the more positive vibes you can create, the better.
  6. Think Positive – try to remain calm and remind yourself that this season will eventually pass and with it will come important learnings that we can benefit from as we move forward.
  7. Journal Your Experience – journaling can be very theraputic and will be of interest to future generations to learn your thoughts and feelings during this surreal time in history.
  8. Give To The Needy – if you can spare a toilet roll or box of tissues to give to someone less fortunate than yourself, you’re playing your part in supporting community and getting through this time as best we can.