Simple Tips To Help Tone Your Butt

These simple tips to tone your butt may sound basic, but remember that the simple things in life are often the best!

If you are working on your glutes and wanting to create more tone in your buttox, you should be utilising every step you take throughout the day. Begin by squeezing your buttox as you walk. Simply squeeze each cheek one at a time in pace with the speed you are walking. So in effect, you will be doing a mini glute workout and activating your glutes, just from walking around doing your normal everyday daily activities.

Anytime you walk anywhere, you should always try to take the stairs for an added boost and instead of just walking as normal, squeeze your butt cheeks one by one as you go and your buttox will become a little more toned and your glutes will become easier to activate and in time become a little larger, which is a win, win….. PLUS it’s even kinda fun cause no-one else knows you’re doing it.

Until next time, happy glute building 🙂