It’s A Beautiful Day To Be Alive…


Yes, it’s a beautiful day to be alive! No matter what is going on in our lives, there is always, always, ALWAYS something to be grateful for, it’s just that some days it’s harder to remember those what things are.

The next time you’re feeling down, wondering how you can make yourself feel better, check out this list so you can focus on what’s good in your life, rather than what’s not;

Home – spring cleaning is not only theraputic, but can also take your mind off your troubles. Clean out some cupboards or move some furniture around. Remind yourself how lucky you are to have a home, as there are many who don’t. Burn some candles and take a nice hot bath or shower and then relax in your nice clean or revamped space, soaking in all the positive energy you have created.

Health – it may sound like a cliche, but your health is truly one of the most valuable things in life, and also one that is often taken for granted. If you are in good health, take a deep breath and be grateful for your freedom in that you are able to take a walk in the fresh air or attend a fitness class whenever you desire, or simply dance around the house when you feel like it, this is definitely something to be grateful for.

Friends – the best thing you can do if you are feeling down is to help a friend out. Giving is truly one of the best experiences in life, and a way to make yourself feel better and take your mind off your worries. This could be cooking for a friend who has just had a baby or simply writing a handwritten note to someone you care about.

Goals – everyone has things they want to achieve in life. Thinking about these and working towards goals will make you feel better, rather than focusing on negatives or things that are out of your control. Write down two simple steps that you can achieve today that will move you closer toward your goals.

Learning – everyone makes mistakes in life and that’s ok, as long as we learn from them. So whatever you are going through, try to look at it as a lesson that you needed to learn. Share that lesson with a friend so that they won’t have to experience the same. This is sure to help you gain clarity around the situation and understand why it happened.

Nature – sitting out in the sun, going for a bush walk or swim in the ocean are all soothing things that make us feel good. Try to focus on the sun on your back, the sound of nature or the feeling of the waves washing over your face. We are so lucky to live in a country where most of these things are right on our doorstep and don’t cost a cent to utilise.

Being grateful for some or all of the above will help you feel better and realise that no matter what, it’s still A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE ALIVE!