How To Make Drinking Water More Fun


If you’re anything like me, drinking 1.5-2L of water can be somewhat of a chore most days. To make drinking water more fun, here are 10 cool ideas you can adopt to help meet your daily intake requirements;

write funny sayings on the water marks on your water bottle to spur you on such as YOU DID IT, AWESOME, YOU GOT THIS!

treat yourself for drinking a certain amounts ie for every 250ml you can have a few almonds or whatever your go to treat is

dress it up with pretty things that taste yum ie lemons, strawberries, orange, mint, cucumber, blueberries or pineapple, etc

warm it up. I find water at room temperature or warmer easier to drink than super cold water, find what temperature works for you as it will help you drink more

use a straw. Straws add an element of fun to what can be a fairly mundane task of drinking water and there are many different types, colours and designs to choose from

cool it down. If you like your water super cold, dress it up with ice cubes, freeze it or make sure you always have a few extra bottles on hand in the fridge to grab when you need them

flavour it. Add a few drops of your favourite flavour, essential oil or low calorie soda for some fun flavour and to make it easier to drink

fizz it. Add some soda water as a bubbly treat

freeze it with some of your favourite fruit to make an ice block or blend it to make a smoothie or slushy

add sound to your sips by counting them out loud or challenge yourself to finishing a certain amount while your favourite tune is playing

Don’t forget to never leave home without your trusty water bottle in hand and I really hope these tips help you to increase your water intake, especially for those of you who struggle with it like I do. Until next time, happy sipping 🙂