How Often Should You Work Out & When?


I get asked a lot about how often you should work out and when.

If you’re a beginner, 3 times per week is a good place to start, moving onto 4-6 times for intermediate to advanced training.

A great starting point is also to breakup workouts into specific days of the week such as;

Monday – leg day

Tuesday – chest and shoulders

Wednesday – core and stretching

Thursday – back and arms

Friday – full body workout

Saturday – cardio/HIIT

Sunday – rest

As each persons schedule varies, certain days will work for some and not for others. Swap days in and out and see what works best for you. Nothing is set in stone here and remember, no workout is a bad one, so even if you can only fit half a normal workout in on any given day, it all counts towards your end goals.

Until next time, happy training 🙂