HIIT Training – The Benefits

High intensity interval training, more commonly known as HIIT, is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of training. It involves bursts of maximum effort for short periods of time followed by recovery periods. It is then repeated throughout the course of the workout. Here are some facts as to why you should be including HIIT in your workouts;

  1. The Excitement – you will never be bored with the speed and varied exercises that make up a HIIT workout, the fast paced motivational music always helps too!
  2. Makes You Feel Strong – you’ll feel empowered after your workout, like you can conquer any task that comes your way.
  3. Short Workouts – you are expending more energy and quicker than most cardio workouts, meaning that you don’t have to work out for as long. What more could a busy woman want?
  4. Helps You Lose Fat & Burn More Calories – speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories than your standard cardio, assisting you to lose fat whilst also building lean muscle, killing multiple birds with one stone!
  5. Is Challenging – you will definitely feel like you have worked out after a HIIT session as it’s not one for the faint hearted.
  6. Tones Your Body – it’s a common misconception to effectively tone your body, you need to use weights. HIIT workouts place the muscles under enough tension and resistance to help build them, in turn toning your body and leaving you looking and feeling fantastic!

So what are you waiting for? Start adding some HIIT workouts to your routine and let us know how you go either here or on our socials, as we love hearing about your progress!