Negativity, Haters – Should We Be Grateful?


We can’t control what others say or think about us, however, we can control the way we react to certain situations.

Sometimes people are negative towards us when we’re trying to improve, as secretly they know they’re not strong enough to achieve the things we’re striving for, often having failed at trying themselves in the past. So instead of getting down (easier said than done, but trust me, you’re stronger than you think), why not flip things around and be grateful for the haters? Sound absurd? Most likely, but what I mean is, if you can understand why people say what they say, you can then use them to your advantage instead of them making you feel bad.

Try using the negative comments as fuel to keep powering closer to your dreams. Understand that the comments are not personal, but often more a reflection people’s feelings as they’re reminded of things they have not been able to achieve. Understand they most likely feel threatened by your strength and determination to succeed. Tell yourself you’re not going to let their own self doubt crush your hopes and dreams. Let their negativity remind you that only a special few go on to achieve their dreams and that you’re definitely one of them. If they too were one of them, they’d be building you up, not bringing you down.

So you see, it’s only the meaning we give to certain comments that affect us in most cases, not the comments themselves. Next time someone’s saying something negative, flip things around and remember the reason why it’s happening and don’t take it personally. Use their comments for positive instead of negative and you’ll find yourself taking one step further towards your goals, rather than one step back!