Exercises To Look Good Naked


Do you wish you didn’t have to turn the lights off in front of your partner for fear of them seeing you naked? Do you wish you knew the right exercises to do that would help you look better?

Below are different muscles and parts of the body and the exercises that target them specifically. The best part is, there’s no need to join a gym, as they can all be performed at home using a basic set of dumbells.


Upper Body

Biceps – dumbell curl

Triceps – kneeling dumbell triceps kickback

Back – dumbell kneeling row

Back – dumbell bench fly

Back – dumbell bent over row

Chest – dumbell bench Press

Chest – dumbell fly

Shoulders – dumbell military Press

Core – dumbell 45 degree crunches


Lower Body

Hamstrings – dumbell deadlift

Legs – dumbell toe raise

Glutes – dumbell glute bridge

Glutes – dumbell sumo deadlift

Quads – dumbell squats


We hope you enjoy discovering these exercises so you can improve certain parts of your body and enjoy spending time with the lights on in front of your partner in future!