Embarrassing Moment At The Gym


Going back a few years now, I was at the gym and had not been going that long to know the ins and outs, when I saw this cute guy I had seen there before and was aiming to impress! Of course, when this happens at the gym, you want to look like you know exactly what you’re doing, right?

My adrenalin was pumping as I went to jump on the machine in front of him so he had no choice but to notice me. I was in such a hurry to grab the machine that I had no time to realise it was still carrying a pool of sweat from the person prior and needed some serious wiping down. To my horror, I felt the large wet patch as soon as I placed my bum on the seat. I was wearing hot pink leggings at the time, which I knew would show everything and so, just sat there, frozen to the seat, too scared to get up for fear of looking like I’d wet myself.

I must’ve contemplated my next move for what felt like hours, when “cute guy” came to my machine like it was his turn, forcing me to make a move. Giving an awkward smile, I jumped up and proceeded to my gym bag as quickly as possible to get the hell out of there! To this day, I don’t actually know if he saw anything and never went back for fear of potentially bumping into him.

Needless to say, I have always checked gym equipment after that, to avoid looking like I I’m in need of an adult diaper! If you have an embarrassing gym moment, please comment below, as I’d love to hear it 🙂