Bloating – Could This One Thing Be The Cause?


The actual cause of your bloating may surprise you as it did me recently! I tried doing all the right things like drinking more water, eliminating artificial sweeteners and limiting carbs and dairy. Yes, these things all helped, but it wasn’t until I read about ONE THING I do which was the main cause of my bloating. And that one thing was, my sodium intake. We hear about limiting salt a fair bit in the news, however, it’s not often mentioned as being the main cause of feeling bloated.

We all have our thing and mine happens to be salt. I put it on everything! I guess it depends on how you were brought up as to how much you like, but for me I can never get enough. I’m the one at restaurants banging the salt cellar saying “is this even coming out?”. And it’s just so light and white and pure looking, who would think it could be the main cause of that ugly bloat? Sad, but true I’m afraid.

So next time you are feeling bloated and wondering why, try limiting your sodium intake and see if that helps!