Are You Weighing Yourself Correctly?


Have you ever jumped on the scales and wondered whether you are weighing yourself correctly? Has all your hard work felt like it was for nothing?

Before you are so quick to think all your efforts are in vain, it’s important to understand that the number on the scale means more than just the number.

Basic scales provide a number of overall body weight. There are several components that make up this number such as water weight, muscle mass, bone density and body fat percentage.

If you’ve started weight training for example and have gained some muscle mass, the scale will not necessarily reflect the effort you have put in. You may however, be looking better physically or in the clothes you are wearing. It’s therefore much better to judge results from the way you look rather than only by what the scales tell you.

If you are starting out on your fitness journey and want to really understand your body’s composition, it’d be worth investing in some scales that measure all these components. This will allow you to track your progress more accurately. Also, this knowledge will allow you to¬†assess which areas require work and which areas have improved, keeping you motivated and more likely to stick to your plan and ultimately achieve your fitness goals.