Are Carbs Bad For You?


Over recent years, people wanting to lead a more healthy lifestyle have adopted the belief that carbs are bad for you. In fact, complex carbohydrates especially, are actually far from the enemy if your goal is to be healthier and more active, and here’s why;

* Forbidding yourself from certain foods encourages binge eating when the urge becomes too great. Consume all foods that agree with your body in moderation.

* Complex carbohydrates are turned into glucose or blood sugar in the body. This gives us energy and prevents afternoon lapses in concentration.

* They aid in keeping a healthy gut and also help with digestion.

Complex carbohydrates are found in foods such as strawberries, pears and apples, whole grain breads, peas and beans.

For further information about healthy eating, you can check out the Healthy Eating Guidelines here.