Shimmishango is an online activewear brand and fitbox retailer based in Sydney, Australia.


Founded by mother and daughter team Tiffiny Lee & Alana Lee in tribute their son and brother Billy, who was diagnosed with autism at a mere 18 months of age. Leading a healthy lifestyle has been paramount in ensuring they keep up with Billy and his day to day needs, which will continue throughout the course of their lives. Their extensive journey of self discovery as a family has armed them with the necessary tools to help others understand, no matter how challenging life can be, it’s how you respond to those challenges that makes the difference. 

When deciding on a business name, Tiffiny and Alana wanted their journey to reflect in the name. As a small boy, Billy owned a toy black panther named Shango. They shared much in common, in that they were constantly on the move, dancing around in search of the next adventure. In short, “shimmy” being known as a form of dance, happened to fit “shango” like a glove, and so the name Shimmishango was born. Shango, the black panther was appointed team mascot for the brand, representing the perfect mix of strength and endurance.

The stylish, comfortable and functional activewear on offer, in addition to daily fit tips and fun across all social media channels, allows women to feel empowered with a sense of community and to look and feel their best while seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Shimmishango have since grown from humble beginnings, their ever growing social media presence and ultra modern online store adding to their exciting growth. These successes have also been driven by a genuine desire to help others and an unbreakable commitment to the Shimmishango vision, which is to… Live Life Undefeated.  

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