5 Tips How To Look Good & Feel Fabulous


Ever leave the house feeling like something’s missing? Or you’re not feeling as confident or good as you’d like? Here’s 5 tips on how to look and feel your best when venturing out, even when you’re time poor.

1. Brush your teeth. There’s nothing worse than realising you had something in your teeth after talking to someone, we’ve all been there. Or feeling like what you just ate could be offensive. To be sure, always brush your teeth before going out, so you can talk freely to anyone, minus the paranoia. Plus, you won’t have to spend the rest of your life avoiding them due to the embarrassment of your killer breath.

2. Drink water. It’s super annoying leaving the house and realising you feel thirsty or have a dry mouth and have to buy a drink, when you could have just had one before you left. Water is both hydrating and refreshing and always makes you feel good. Ultimately, take a water bottle with you so you always have it on tap when needed.

3. Wear something you feel good in. Pick an outfit you know you look good in and can wear with ease. There is nothing worse than having to tug at your shirt to stop it from riding up or constantly pulling your skirt down when it’s too short. Be comfortable in your outfit and you’ll ooze confidence.

4. Have great hair.  Wear your hair in a style that fits your time constraints and suits the weather out. If your hair is unwashed or it’s blowing a gale outside, don’t wear it down and be self conscious about it, instead grab a cap or wear it back so you can go about your business with ease. Confidence comes from owning your look, so make things easy for yourself.

5. Think positive. What we are thinking on the inside reflects on the outside, so by thinking happy thoughts before you leave the house will attract people towards you instead of away from you if your head is filled with negativity.

6. Do a mirror check. Make sure there’s nothing on your face and if you have make up on that it’s all good. Check both front and back views in the mirror. Because something looks good from the front doesn’t mean it also looks good from the back. You want to know everything looks great. This will reassure you and allow you to look and feel your best, giving you more confidence.

We hope these simple measures help you look and feel your best and as confident as possible whenever you’re out about.