4 Easy Steps To Burn Fat Faster


No, you don’t have to run a thousand miles a day or stave yourself in order to lose body fat faster, in fact it’s just the opposite!

STEP 1 – get as much sleep as possible each day. While you’re asleep, your body has a chance to rest and repair itself in preparation for the new day ahead, giving you the best chance of new results. Getting as much sleep as possible also keeps cravings for high calorie foods at bay, so it’s a winning formula all round!

STEP 2 – eat small nutritious meals regularly. It’s a misconception that in order to lose weight that you have to eat less or skip meals entirely. This sets your metabolism off balance and makes it think that you are in starvation mode, causing it to store fat in reserve as opposed to using it as fuel. We all know you should eat more good stuff and less bad stuff, but you also need to reward yourself with treats on the odd occasion too.Telling yourself you can never have something because you’re “on a diet” will only lead to a binge later on down the track. Everything in moderation is key!

STEP 3 – engage in the exercises you love and are going to be able maintain. For example, if you hate squatting or running in particular, don’t engage in an exercise plan that involves these elements. You are not going to be motivated to do them from the get go and will therefore look at exercise as a chore rather than something to be looked forward to and fun. Yes, that’s right, exercise can be both of these things when you do what you love.

STEP 4 – engage in some light resistance training as opposed to always doing cardio. When you have more muscle mass, your ability to burn calories is greater, and so increases your ability to burn fat faster, so get lifting those weights, they will become your best friends in no time when you start seeing the results!

We hope you found these fit tips interesting and until next time, get burning that flab 🙂