10 Get Fit Tips


Need motivational tips or advice on how to get fit? Try the following get fit tips and see if your motivation changes;

1. Increase your protein intake – this will make you feel fuller and decrease your sugar cravings

2. Drink more water – water helps flush the body of unwanted toxins and also helps you feel fuller

3. Diarise your journey – take photos, ideally at your worst so you can look back and see how far you’ve come, especially during the times the scales are depriving you of results

4. Read something fitness related each day – the more you fill your mind with positive tips on your journey, the more you’ll be likely to stick to leading a healthy lifestyle

5. Ask others what they do to keep fit – people usually love talking about their fitness journey and sharing ideas, tips and recipes, especially if they’ve seen results

6. Prepare meals in advance – aside from controlling your portion size and ensuring you get enough of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, meal prep helps prevent reaching for the easy option of take away and high carb foods when you’re hungry

7. Start small – do exercises you love to start with as this will train your brain into the routine of exercising and once you’re there, you can start to challenge yourself more

8. Write down your goals – writing things down helps cement them in your mind. Re-visiting/revising your goals daily or each week is also a good way to keep motivation levels up and to celebrate your wins and/or to see which areas you could be doing better in

9. Clean out your wardrobe – this will give you motivation to perhaps fit into some pieces you love but haven’t worn for a while as they are too tight. Throwing out your “fat clothes” will also give you no option but to work hard to fit into the smaller sizes you have in your wardrobe

10. Think positive – stop beating yourself up! If you fall off the wagon, realise that it’s ok, take a breather, reassess and get back on the wagon again. It’s not a race and there’s no right or wrong, instead of scolding your self for having a bad day, rather try to focus on how far you’ve come and remember why it was that you started